Christopher sets stage for showdown with Geougeon

Battlefield Fight League has set BFL3:Battlefield at the River Rock
2 as the right date to debut new welterweight prospect.
Ryan Christopher joins Battlefield after making
a sizeable name for himself fighting in grappling competitions.
The West Coast Brazillian JiuJitsu product, who has been training alongside Welterweight
Contender Jacen Brooks in Port Coquitlam, has set a big target for his first fight
in Battlefield by taking on Carlson Gracie Team Canada undefeated
fighter Bryce Gougeon.(3-0).  The pair will face off on Friday,
October 15th at the River Rock Casino resort in Richmond, British
Undaunted by the fact he’s squaring off against the undefeated Gougeon,
Christopher offered a simple message to his upcoming rival-and future ones as
“I’m coming to Battlefield to make a statement”, declaired Christopher.
“I’m there to fight and the fans are going to get their money’s worth out
of my fight alone.”
Christopher is a well respected purple belt under Don Whitefield.  The
24 year old looks at the Gougeon fight as a chance to get his foot in the door
alongside the rest of Battlefield’s impressive Welterweight Roster.
“I was Watching my teammates Jacen Brooks and Dave Kennedy fight for Battlefield
on the Fight Network and I became a big fan.  I decided it was a show i wanted to get on.
” he said.  “Going to Battlefield is ideal for me because they have
all the top Welterweight guys-(Brooks)Jacen, Dwyer, Njie, (Mashreghi)Ash,
Zubor, Caffiero.  They’re all guys who are very tough.”
The impending battle with Christopher marks the end of a 4 month layoff for
Gougeon.  Gougeon is unbeaten in MMA action and has looked very impressive in all his prior fights.
His past victories include first round stoppages over Rami Kadi and Andrew
Valiquette.  Gougeon has proven to be more than a handful for all his opponents
showing considerable improvement everytime he steps in the cage.
Gougeon/Christopher will be an interesting chess match between 2 guys who
excel at the ground game.  We  will have to wait and see if Gougeons Cage
experience and brutal ground and pound will prevail against Christophers
superior BJJ Skills.